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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Malaria is a real threat, so take your meds. Most people run into stomach issues the first few weeks at post; be prepared to throw all modesty out the window when you have to submit a sample to the health unit. Amoebic dysentery is real. You will be medically evacuated for anything serious. - Oct 29, 2017
Malaria is a huge issue, as is meningitis. Medical care does not exist outside the U.S. embassy and a few charitable groups - expect any remotely major issue to require evacuation. - Oct 18, 2017
You can get an x-ray if you break your arm, but only if the technician is there (maybe he had to go to another clinic, just wait, take a Tylenol, he'll be back in 2 hours) and the equipment and electricity are working. There are pharmacies with the medication you would need for pain or antibiotic but they aren't as strong as what you're used to. Malaria is a real threat. - Aug 2, 2015
Best health care is from the missionary doctors. If anything major happens, you'll need to be on the first plane out. - Jul 7, 2013