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What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

There are various plants in bloom at any time, as it is a warm post, so allergens can get pretty intense.

Some stores (Carrefour Gourmet) have started making gluten-free items available. The biggest problem might really be the language barrier. Many foods are labeled in French or Spanish, but quite a few are still only labeled in Arabic. If you have a serious food allergy, it might be quite difficult to figure out exactly what is in certain items. The same would go for restaurants – while most restaurants have French and even English menus, not all the staff are as knowledgable as one might hope on what goes into certain meals and able to answer questions in French, let alone English. - Oct 24, 2017

Most common allergy and asthma medicines are available on the local market for a fraction of the cost in the US. Food allergies are not really recognized, so have a Epi-Pen or two with you at all times if you suffer from them, and make sure you have a supply in your suitcase. - Oct 23, 2017