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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

We have fiber-optic and it's great. It took about a month to get it set up as they had to run it to our complex. Most people get internet within two weeks of arrival. ADSL is significantly slower, but also cheaper. - Oct 24, 2017
Fiber optic internet is pretty fast & reliable. About $60/month for ~50 MbPS. I can't speak for non-embassy folks, but the employee association takes care of the internet hook-up, and it took about 2 weeks. - Oct 23, 2017
Fiber-optic internet is fast and reliable. - Aug 29, 2017
The Employee Cooperative Association (ECA) offers several packages and has an added benefit of collective payments You pay your ECA bill each month and they pay your phone/TV/Internet bills for you. - Jul 20, 2014
Yes, it is pretty fast and not that expensive. Something like $30/month. - Nov 17, 2011
Available and pretty good. I think it was 35 bucks through the Embassy? - Nov 16, 2011
Yes, about $50 per month. - Sep 18, 2011
Yes, ADSL. Some houses have better connections than others for some reason. About $40/mo and up depending on speed. - Apr 8, 2010
I pay about US$100/month for the fastest service offered. There are cheaper rates for slower service available. - Jun 3, 2008