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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

In the winter it is lovely in the sun and cool in the shade and at night. In summer it is hot everywhere, though only really bad in July/August when the humidity rises. I've heard it favourably compared to Northern-ish California weather. - Oct 24, 2017
Morocco is a "cold country with a hot sun." Summer days can be quite hot, but nights are pleasant. In Rabat, the temperature rarely gets over 95 in the summer, usually staying in the mid-80s. Nights are in the upper-60s. Winters never see temperatures below 45 in Rabat, but the rain and dampness make it chilly.

Trips up into the mountains can cool you off in the summer, and snow is definitely a thing in the Atlas and Rif mountains. If you don't like the climate where you are, you can always drive a few hours & experience a totally different one. - Oct 23, 2017

Fantastic for 8-9 months a year! 80's (F) most of the time. We love to sit on our terrace and enjoy the cool sea breeze! Though as others have mentioned, I have never been as cold in the winter as I was here inside my house. Even in the mountains of Colorado and being no stranger to cold weather; I had difficulty managing the high humidity + cold that seeped into not only my bones, but my concrete house. Once those walls got chilled, they simply did not warm up. The first year we tried to keep the utility costs/consumerism down to a dull roar by using our split pac heater/AC units only when we were home. The next year we were more successful at staying warm when we turned them all on high and left them there. Folks tell you to do the same thing with the space heaters; but I had two brand new ones that shorted out and the wires smoldered. I was glad I was home and awake or we may have had much bigger problems! - Jul 20, 2014
The climate is close to ideal. Summer is hot but not overwhelming--usually just a couple weeks in the 95-105 range, with the rest in the 80s. Fall and spring can be rainy here and there, but many beautiful sunny days. Winter does not get harsh at all. The only problem is that Moroccan housing, even in the most elite neighborhoods, is very light on A/C and heating. I have lived in the hottest and coldest parts of the U.S., but always moderated by machines. I have never felt as cold as in our house here during the winter. - Nov 17, 2011
Wonderful weather. Hot in the Summer and temperate in the winter. - Nov 16, 2011
A sunny city but cool climate. Think San Francisco. Sometimes it gets really hot but very rarely. - Sep 18, 2011
The weather is generally California-ish during all but the winter months from about Nov-Mar when it can rain quite a bit. - Apr 8, 2010
Mild winters, warm to hot summers. - Jun 3, 2008