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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

So far, the only time I will have been formal in almost a year at post is the Marine Corps ball. My husband is in IT, so usually wears khakis and a button-down or polo; most of the rest of the staff seem to wear suits or equivalent for women. In public, while they say to cover shoulders for women and not wear short-shorts, I have seem many a local woman wear these outfits. I have worn tank tops all over the city with no repercussions at all. - Oct 24, 2017
Dress at the embassy is formal. Most Moroccans dress in Western formal or casual wear or traditional Moroccan garb. Conservative dress by women is recommended, not required. - Oct 23, 2017
Business at work, business casual though it is easy to feel under-dressed when visiting a Moroccan home! Moroccan men do not wear short pants in public unless exercising or at the beach. As a rule, women do not show their shoulders or much leg, though this is less of a rule in Rabat and Casa. - Jul 20, 2014
Work is suits or something slightly less depending on your job. In public, most anything goes except for the extremely revealing. I don't think a woman should walk around in a bikini at a restaurant next to the beach, for example, but I've seen plenty of Europeans doing it. - Nov 17, 2011
Business. - Nov 16, 2011
Same as in the States, suits for men, dresses and skirts for women. - Sep 18, 2011
Varies at work from casual to suits. No specific public dress code from what I've seen. - Apr 8, 2010
Work - professional dress (tie for men, slacks, skirts, dresses for women). Public - With the locals you'll see a variety from jeans and shirt to fully covered with only the eyes exposed. Technically you can wear what you normally wear in the U.S. but personally I feel uncomfortable going in public in shorts, skirts above my knees or sleeveless shirts. - Jun 3, 2008