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What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

With American expats, there are regular CLO activities. With locals, there are sports clubs (listed above), and others such as AIWA (listed above). - Oct 24, 2017
There are a few expat clubs and organizations. The U.S. embassy has activities, as do the international schools. I used to go down to the medina (market) and walk around, talking to as many people as I could... with my Arabic and French and adventurous spirit, I definitely made more connections with the locals than most. - Oct 23, 2017
The one movie theater that shows movies in English, only has them on Thursday evenings and it's in Casablanca. Driving in Casa is a whole different animal that I describe best as driving in a school of fish--blind fish. We avoid it at all costs. We spend the bulk of our leisure time with other expats/friends socializing in homes or out together at restaurants. - Jul 20, 2014
Representation responsibilities are standard. Official events are fairly formal. For non-work socializing, there is a large range. Families with little kids have lots of playdates and birthday parties. Adults have dinner parties and backyard cookouts and night parties. If you want to mingle with the non-Anglophone expat crowd, then French becomes a must as that will be the language of a party of mixed Moroccans and expats, or expats from various countries (obviously two Swedes and two Americans having dinner are going to speak English, but a party with people from 10 countries and with 20 Moroccans is going to mostly be French). - Nov 17, 2011
Big in the community. Virtually nothing outside of that. Their idea of partying is smoking 16 packs of cigarettes and pretending to look important. - Nov 16, 2011
Lots of barbecues, dinners at restaurants, happy hours. - Sep 18, 2011
Thank god for Marine House and the American Club! They offer an easy rewarding break for most families. There are bars and clubs, but most families get together at each other's houses when no other events are planned. - Apr 8, 2010
Activites at the embassy (mentioned above), there are a few nightclubs and people have get togethers at each others' homes, etc. - Jun 3, 2008