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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Probably, depending on the extent of the disability. The U.S. embassy is wheelchair accessible, but many buildings don't have elevators and have steps to even enter the front door, with few ramps that I've spotted. Sidewalks are also not always in the best of conditions. - Oct 24, 2017
Yes. There aren't a lot of "ADA-compliant" facilities outside of the U.S. embassy. Sidewalks are challenging. Forget about the medinas.... - Oct 23, 2017
Absolutely. - Jul 20, 2014
Pretty much what you would imagine for most developing country cities. - Nov 17, 2011
Impossible. - Nov 16, 2011
The city offers minimal problems except many houses have lots of steps, many sunken levels etc. Traveling in country can have challenges in that old cities with big bazaars are not accessible by vehicles and the pavement is uneven with lots of potholes and hordes of people etc. - Sep 18, 2011
Getting around could be a little difficult. - Apr 8, 2010
Streets are poorly constructed as well as sidewalks (when they exist). High curbs. It's not fun with a stroller. - Jun 3, 2008