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What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

The Valle de Guadalupe wine region is wonderful. Whale watching in spring is fabulous. Skiing in California is really fun. Driving through the desert is eye opening. There's really a lot to do - you could surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon. - Nov 5, 2017
We loved being so close to San Diego. The climate and food in TJ are amazing. People are friendly. Probably the best thing we did was a long road trip down the peninsula. Baja is amazing beautiful and diverse. So very much to see, eat and do. - May 31, 2015
Valle de Guadalupe wine country. Guerreo Negro for whale watching. Traveling within Mexico and traveling within souther California, New Mexico and Nevada. - Mar 25, 2015
The food is amazing and visiting the Valle de Guadalupe or Puerto Nuevo is a perfect weekend activity. - Apr 30, 2014
El Valle de Guadalupe is the wine region. There is a Baja Med fusion food movement going on. - Feb 15, 2014
Traveling around California and the Western United States, traveling around Baja, outdoor activities, varied nightlife. - Apr 4, 2011
Exploring Tijuana restaurants, San Diego neighborhoods, enjoying the wonderful weather, and improving my Spanish with the friendly local population. - Mar 5, 2011
Great weather and San Diego is a 15-30 minute ride away, depending on the border wait times. - Dec 29, 2010
The variety: every kind of food in the world, every kind of sporting event (bullfighting included), every kind of artů - Aug 11, 2010