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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Have both Tijuana and San Diego so close. There is something to do every single day. - Nov 5, 2017
Great climate, 45 minutes from world class beaches in San Diego, good access to the U.S., excellent food, vineyards, touring Baja. - May 31, 2015
Great travel options within Mexico and in southern California. The weather is 72F degrees everyday and can't be beat. Lots of culture on both sides of the border. - Mar 25, 2015
Proximity to San Diego, which is an amazing city. There is great camping, hiking, running and bike riding across the border. Some of the more adventurous types would say the same about baja norte too. - Apr 30, 2014
Proximity to a world-class city like San Diego. - Feb 15, 2014
The ability to experience three cultures: American/North San Diego culture, Mexican culture, and the border culture. - Apr 4, 2011
The best weather in the world, with an average temperature of 70F, sunny skies, and no humidity! Tijuana is a little known, but world class culinary destination and San Diego is just World Class and 30 minutes away. - Mar 5, 2011
Tijuana and Baja California offering something for everyone. It is San Diego weather, in other words, 350 days of sun and clear skies, generally in 70s-80s, and winter can be in 50s-60s. Great beaches nearby, surfing, boating, fishing, atv'ing, what else could you want? - Dec 29, 2010
You get to experience the border culture -- all that two countries have to offer. And, it is the best weather in the world. - Aug 11, 2010