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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Gyms like Total Fitness and World Gym are available but very expensive ($50+ per month). Smaller outfits have spin, barre, yoga, kickboxing, martial arts, etc. and are available for less and $10 per class or less if you buy a package of classes. - Nov 5, 2017
They are available. There is one at the consulate, and then others vary by quality and cost. We didn't join any. - May 31, 2015
Yes and reasonably priced. - Mar 25, 2015
Yes, but they are expensive compared to the U.S. And reportedly, they have no childcare. - Apr 30, 2014
There are many gyms though I have heard they are more costly than comparable facilities in the U.S. - Feb 15, 2014
There are mediocre gyms are low cost in Tijuana. The only American-quality gym that isn't extremely overcrowded is very expensive, though some officers use it. - Apr 4, 2011
Yes, they seem to have similar prices to U.S. Gyms and equipment are comparable. - Mar 5, 2011
Yes. Price is very similar, if not a little more expensive than what you might find in U.S. New Consulate will have a very small gym. - Dec 29, 2010
They tend to be a little small and crowded. The more serious folks cross to San Diego to run or hike. - Aug 11, 2010