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Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

No TJ-specific handicrafts. But Mercado de Artesanias and Rosarito have a decent selection if you want to send something home. Better items are found elsewhere in Mexico. Wine from the Valle is a great gift. - Nov 5, 2017
not much in Tijuana. It's not known for its crafts. Further south in Mexico, there is a lot. - May 31, 2015
Woodwork, art, pottery. - Mar 25, 2015
Mercado Hildago has standard Mexican gifts and food. - Apr 30, 2014
Tableware. - Feb 15, 2014
Pictures with donkeys, Tequila shots accompanied by whistle blowing, souvenirs imported from the center of Mexico. - Apr 4, 2011
cervezas, tacos, pinatas. - Mar 5, 2011
Fish tacos. - Aug 11, 2010
Fish tacos. - Mar 11, 2008