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But don't forget your:

Sunblock, hat, surf board, skis, snowboard, camping gear. But, really, everything is available even if you do forget or leave something in storage. - Nov 5, 2017
Open mind. This place turned out to be a great place for us. - May 31, 2015
Patience and sense of humor. - Mar 25, 2015
Common sense and security awareness! And appetite. - Apr 30, 2014
Sunglasses Pepto Bismal, pepper spray for stray dogs and muggers. - Feb 15, 2014
Sports and camping equiptment. - Apr 4, 2011
appetite for tacos. This is seriously an under rated city for culinary delights. Not just the street food, but some very innovative, cutting edge restaurants. - Mar 5, 2011
Sunscreen, patience and willingness to make the best of a situation that can get a little hairy at time. - Dec 29, 2010
sun glasses and always bring your sweater. - Aug 11, 2010