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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

High speed internet is available, but not super reliable. We had really bad luck with Skyband our first 6 months. We switched to TNM and had an antennae installed on our roof and our speed has gone up about 30%. Definitely would recommend going the TNM route. - Jul 21, 2017
Internet is a challenge in Malawi but getting better. Some USG houses come with internet of varying speed, but most people purchase internet. There are two main providers-Skyband and MTN and both are relatively expensive. Skyband offers a nightrider package for 10G that is unlimited from 7pm-7am and free on weekends for about $65 a month; you can usually Skype on this and rarely stream. TV downloads can take several hours. MTN just arrived and took over a former network but upgraded to 4G and you can see the difference. Its a pay as you go system with scratch cards- 10G for 23,000MKW (~$40). If you are streaming those 10G go quickly. - Oct 16, 2016
Available but somewhat unreliable. It's smart to do the research as to which company to go with and which is currently the most reliable and fastest. We have had a lot of issues with Internet. - Aug 2, 2015
Getting better every month. We finally realized that the MTL wimax is the best so far. About US$75 a month...much less than the US$200 it used to cost for Burco and others. - Sep 17, 2013
Internet is available from a few companies, though service is spotty and not fast at all. I think that most people pay about $250 a month for their internet. - Sep 26, 2012
There is internet, although I wouldn't say it is high speed. We had the highest speed you could get and it was about $200/month. - Sep 17, 2009
Internet is available. High speed? Well that depends on your perspective. It costs close to $100/month. Globenet is quite good. - Jul 27, 2009