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Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

During rainy season, ants are everywhere. There are also frequent gecko visitors in the house, but you get used to them after awhile. I haven't seen any snakes or big spiders in the house, and for that I am grateful. There are a lot fewer mosquitoes than I was expecting. It's very pleasant being out at night. - Jul 21, 2017
Ants! and mosquitoes.... You can buy Doom and local insect sprays but during rainy season, ants are everywhere! - Oct 16, 2016
Ants can be an issue and mosquitoes can carry malaria. Most people we know take prophylactic medication as protection from malaria and sleep under mosquito nets. - Aug 2, 2015
Less than I expected. Mosquitos of course--and malaria is a real concern. Termites fly with the rains and make for quite a sight. Ants can come and go around the house. - Sep 17, 2013
Mosquitoes are a big issue, with anti-malarials recommended year-round. There are a lot of ants all around the houses, and depending on the time of year there can be a lot of grasshoppers and termites. Some people have problems with big roaches in their houses, but not many. - Sep 26, 2012
Mosquitoes, and some houses have problems with ants. - Sep 17, 2009
Lilongwe is full of insects! It seems to be built on a gigantic ant hill. Most of the insects, though -- except the mosquitoes -- are harmless. - Jul 27, 2009