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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Not a good place for someone with physical disabilities. There are limited medical resources, no sidewalks and often the roads are crumbling at the edges or full of potholes. - Jul 21, 2017
Yes, many potholes, almost no sidewalks, and nothing is even! - Oct 16, 2016
No sidewalks and lots of stairs would make this place hard. - Sep 17, 2013
It would be extremely difficult. There are just not the proper facilities for any of that. Lots of bad sidewalks. If there are sidewalks, there certainly will be no ramps. Not many elevators either. - Sep 26, 2012
I would expect it to be very challenging for someone in a wheelchair or someone who is blind. - Sep 17, 2009
Many. - Jul 27, 2009