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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

In Monrovia high-speed internet access, $150/mth, is good and easily installed, for free. We stream Netflix without too many problems. - Nov 17, 2017
Yes - it's fast, but it is expensive and sometimes unreliable. Installation was not complicated for me as I use a hotspot sort of system and for the most part it works well. - Jun 23, 2016
I spend $80/month for 20 GBs of 3G internet from Cellcom. Other options are available, although many use USB stick mobile data modems or hotspots. - Aug 20, 2015
Medium speed, often dropped service costs about US$150 per month. Prepare to reset your modem regularly. Lines at the offices where you pay are long and chaotic, and they don't do online payments. - Dec 19, 2013
Currently the best internet available is a 4G service provided by Cellcom. It is $150 a month for embassy employees, but you are limited to 12GB of throughput at the 4G speed, and when you run out, you are throttled down to a 256K connection. Fiber was dropped earlier in the year and is scheduled to go live in late January. We do not currently have pricing plans for it, though. - Dec 24, 2012
Very slow and expensive: $150/month. - Aug 3, 2010
High-speed access is not available. Currently Internet fees run from $50 for 64 kb/s to $200 for 256 kb/s per month and must be paid three months in advance. - Jul 13, 2009