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Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I understand there is a small community but it's definitely under the radar and not broadly accepted in Liberian circles. - Jun 23, 2016
LGBT people are not widely accepted in Liberian society, but expats have not had specific problems that I know of. It may not be very easy to meet other LGBTs though. - Aug 20, 2015
NO! Very unfriendly towards gays. Unfriendly in general if you are not a church-going Christian. - Dec 19, 2013
It can be good if you keep it private. The term homophobia doesn't even come close to what most people seem to feel here. One local homosexual man was pushing for acceptance publicly, and he had to go into hiding due to the number of death threats he received. The President here has even declared that she will never pass any equality laws. - Dec 24, 2012
Unknown, although homosexuality is generally not publicly accepted in West Africa. - Jul 13, 2009