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Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Buses and taxis available and cheap but NOT safe. Ditto motorcycle taxis and 3-wheelers. I would have to be very desperate to use any. No trams or trains. - Nov 17, 2017
There are a few local taxi services that are very safe and affordable. - Jun 23, 2016
There are few buses and they run irregularly. Most people get around by taxi or (especially outside of Monrovia) motorcycle taxis (called pehn-pehns). Drivers are often unlicensed and do not follow good safety practices. Vehicles are often poorly maintained if not on the verge of collapse. Motorcycle riders are often incredibly reckless. U.S. government personnel are not allowed to use local taxis or public transport for safety reasons. - Aug 20, 2015
There are no trains or buses. Taxis are in poor repair and crowded, but cheap. I hear embassy people aren't allowed to use them. Motor cycle taxis are common, but currently banned on main streets and very dangerous. - Dec 19, 2013
The US Embassy forbids use of any local transportation for safety reasons---for both physical safety and for risk of criminal activity. - Dec 24, 2012
US Embassy staff are not authorized to use public transportation of any sort. Some car rental places are now being vetted. - Aug 3, 2010
Not safe, and embassy personnel are not authorized to use public transport. You wouldn't want to, either. - Jul 13, 2009