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Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for everyone, good mix of things to do. Good outdoor activities, bars, restaurants. Many festivals and cultural events. - Jul 24, 2017
As a couple with no children, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We can go to the ballet, the cinema, out to eat, etc. I can imagine that for singles who want to meet new people, it may be difficult, though the Internations group organizes various activities where people can come together. Embassy Riga has a number of families with children, and our wonderful CLO is always organizing activities and outings. - Sep 21, 2016
As with 95% of foreign posts, single guys have a great time; single women, not so much. Good city for couples. Lots of families at post, most seem pretty happy with it. - Jul 11, 2010
All of the above. There is not a lot to do outside of Riga, and Riga is mostly a party town; however, families can enjoy Riga with parks, zoo, beach, etc. Good place for single guys; single women might find it challenging to find someone. - Aug 23, 2008