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Overall quite a safe city, people walk the parks in the dark early evening hours, little kids walk to school, its really very safe. - Sep 21, 2017
Most people get SO EXCITED when they find out you're American, are very friendly, and love to speak English to you- to the point of annoyance. I haven't experienced any hostility, besides observing one protest against America outside a coffee shop I was at (but it was only 5 people and mild tempered). Things go bad when it's late and/or people are drunk- which is often. People here love to drink vodka (it has it's special section in every store). The police are unreliable and Kyrgyz are SAVAGE when it comes to fighting. They will have an entire group against one guy and beat him to a bloody pulp. They have incredible road rage. During my stay, a friend got in a fender bender and stayed in their car, because the other driver was acting aggressive. The other driver proceeded to get so violent and out of control he RIPPED OFF THE DOOR HANDLE. But for day to day life, I am a mother with 3 small children, and I have always felt completely safe. I always go to the parks by myself and have had no problems, same for when my husband and I go out alone for dinner. It's when you're at a bar late at night, when things get troublesome. - Jan 16, 2015
We never had a problem or concern beyond your usual precautions living in a city. - May 13, 2014
It's fairly safe, so long as you're sensible. There are stories of drunks getting mugged coming out of bars and of policemen trying to get foreigners to turn out their wallets. - Dec 17, 2011