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What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Great, a bit of smoke in fall, but it clears out, crystal-clear air 30 minutes from town in the mountains. - Sep 21, 2017
Moderate. Winter is are a bit nasty because everybody burns coal. The intensity varies. Trash burns all over the place in an unorganized fashion. Trash piles or cans will be smoldering for hours on main or residential roads. Summers aren't so bad. Last winter seemed so intense, but I think I've grown accustomed to it. Last year I would always want to open the windows for some "fresh air" and it would smell like a campground instantly. - Jan 16, 2015
I know some people think it's really bad, and it can be in Bishkek on the streets, but overall it's not bad at all especially in comparison to many Asian cities. - May 13, 2014
Mostly good, though there are parts of Bishkek that suffer from the combined heating and power plant's emissions in winter. - Dec 17, 2011