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We found it to be perfectly safe. Our kids were young at the time but if a little older would have had no problem with their going out on their own. - Oct 19, 2017
There have been some reports of assaults and thefts. Generally, people feel safe in Astana from a crime standpoint. With terrorist incidents in Almaty and Aktobe in 2016, the threat level has increased. - Oct 7, 2016
None that we know of. - Jun 18, 2014
No-very safe. - Sep 13, 2010
Low to moderate. There have been some unfortunate muggings of foreigners in recent months. Just avoid getting too drunk and ending up in a dangerous situation. - Jul 20, 2008
Foreigners can be targets depending on the time of day/night and location. It's advised that foreigners not be out on their own, especially men, because they can be targeted even more. It's typical for 5 or so Kazakh men to jump one foreigner. - Jan 29, 2008