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Tel Aviv

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Don't be like the American presidents and Secretaries of State who think that all it takes is for people to shake hands and stop being so childish. It's not up to you to bring peace, nor is it up to you to lecture the locals how they should behave and think. Just try to enjoy the good parts, and ignore the bad ones; that's what everyone else is doing. - Mar 23, 2016
I never would have imagined being posted to Israel and frankly I only knew the bare bones of its history. It really is a fascinating place on many levels and I'm glad I've seen the things I've seen. I'm even sort of glad I was here for Protective Edge on some insane level. It is the Middle East and it's not totally first world. That kind of surprised me. The Israelis can be brusque, aggressive and pushy - and also fun and kind. Come and enjoy! - Nov 18, 2014
No matter how hard you try, it never gets any easier here. Simple life is made so complicated and issues never die in the Embassy. Everything develops a life of its own, it wears you down quickly from shopping to work, life is complicated here. - Aug 14, 2010
Never, never forget that Israel is first and foremost a Middle Eastern country. It is not New York. Many people come here and make that mistake and end up disappointed and upset. - Jul 26, 2010
Tel Aviv really is great, but living here can be frustrating at times, particularly with the political situation in flux. Israelis can be very pushy and brusque, it's hard when you first get here not to get worked up about this. - Feb 27, 2009
Israelis are somewhat pushy etc. like many other nationalities. I read this same comment often in reviews of other societies. This is not the U.S (though Israelis often make the comparison) nor is it England South Africa or Australia. This is the MIDDLE EAST. Scratch the surface of this advanced high tech society and that's what you get. That said, people can be very helpful and warm . Just don't get in the way when they are on the road. - Sep 19, 2008