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Tel Aviv

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

City smarts are required everywhere in the world. Terrorism is real in Israel, and knife attacks have occurred in broad daylight. That said, it’s very low for petty street crime. Lots of people are walking around well after midnight (that’s when all the bars open!) and it does not feel unsafe. Locks and alarms are essential in houses as there have been several reported break-ins. - Aug 19, 2017
Crime is extremely low, but like any urban city there are certain areas you need to keep your wits about you. I'm pleasantly surprised that the beaches are relatively safe. I've never heard of someone getting their stuff stolen as most of the time you can ask a stranger to keep an eye out while you take a dip. The biggest risk may be from a renegade dog blowing sand all on your blanket! - Oct 24, 2016
Just like being in any place important to be aware of your surroundings, but we feel totally safe walking at night and haven't had any issues, we have heard of some home robbing in the suburbs. - Jul 25, 2016
YES! The crime rate is low in Tel Aviv, but you never know when violence from the Israel-Palestine conflict will escalate. What's been termed a "stabbing Intifada" has occurred over much of the last year with random stabbings and car rammings. Most attacks occurred in Jerusalem and the West Bank, but even the Tel Aviv area has witnessed acts of violence, including a bar being shot up. There are travel restrictions if you travel near Gaza; no one can enter Gaza. You are expected to inform the RSO in advance of visits from the Negav to Eilat region and the Golan. We can only visit Bethlehem and Jericho in the West Bank. All of these areas may be declared off limits at any time because of the local or neighboring security situation. - Apr 12, 2016
Uhm... Yes. It's Israel. BUT the crime rates are quite low compared to other Western countries, and besides nowadays the chances of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack are higher in Paris, London or Brussels. The Israeli traffic is the most dangerous part, and even that is not as dangerous as it used to be. - Mar 23, 2016
Hm. It's highly unlikely that you will be the victim of a mugging, home invasion or assault, but there's a reason the homes have 3 foot thick concrete bunkers. Also, the place is just always on the edge of something happening. - Nov 18, 2014
Missile attacks are still a threat, as are bus bombings. That being said, there is nowhere else that I have lived where I have felt safe walking my dog late at night as I do here. - Apr 10, 2013
None, danger pay for the embassy folk has been reduced and will probably be reduced until it's gone. Tel Aviv is like living in any normal big city. Locals joke about the next war,but the level of concern is the same as sitting in your home county and watching a war in someone else's country on CNN. - Aug 14, 2010
Not at all - you get used to clearing security to do your grocery shopping, etc. - Jul 26, 2010
Aside from the big-picture security concerns, Tel Aviv is a safe city where I don't worry about walking alone at night. Just like everywhere, take the usual precautions. - Feb 27, 2009
Big question. Terrorist attacks are always in the back of people's minds here. However, in Tel Aviv nothing has happened in the time we have been here. Guards check bags at entrances to all restaurants, malls, concert halls, etc. Although they don't always appear to be with it, they apparently do serve as a deterrent. We feel very safe here and our children are very independent. - Sep 19, 2008
It's not as bad as it used to be. - Jul 2, 2008