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Tel Aviv

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO works really quickly - often times you can get a package from Amazon less than a week after you order it. Pouch is also an option if your DPO address doesn't work for whatever reason, but takes 2-3 weeks. - Aug 19, 2017
DPO-- and most of the time it's quite reliable with packages taking around a week and sometimes less. - Oct 24, 2016
DPO and pouch. - Jul 25, 2016
DPO and pouch. - Apr 12, 2016
DPO. - Nov 18, 2014
DPO. - Apr 10, 2013
APO generally. Mail to Israel is fast, to the States takes 2-4 weeks for some reason, seems to be a bottleneck with USPS in New York. - Aug 14, 2010
DPO - Jul 26, 2010
We use the APO and Pouch for most items- APO takes between 5-7 days. - Feb 27, 2009
We use APO. - Sep 19, 2008
We have APO. It's very good! - Jul 2, 2008