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Tel Aviv

What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

When spouses are permitted jobs (the hiring freeze is ongoing currently), there are lots to choose from in the Embassy - full or part-time. There’s a good scene for those that choose not to work, particularly if you live in Herziliya. - Aug 19, 2017
EFM jobs are usually available, but timing determines a lot. Typically, qualified EFMs usually find a spot. Some home-based businesses exist. Not many work on the local market because of limited Hebrew combined with the fact that wages are considerably lower. - Oct 24, 2016
Some partners work in the Embassy, but the EFM jobs are not all that great here. Some do telework. - Jul 25, 2016
Without a job permit chances are probably low. - Mar 23, 2016
I don't think so and definitely not without Hebrew. - Nov 18, 2014
There are some jobs but not very high-paying ones. - Apr 10, 2013
No. Wages are low, jobs are difficult to find. Embassy tends to require qualifications for family member jobs that no one can meet. So difficult even there. They also pay very low wages. - Aug 14, 2010
It's very difficult to find a job outside the embassy, and there is a lot of hostility towards "foreign" workers, thanks to the religious right which controls the Interior Ministry and blames them/us for the entry and spread of diseases and the corruption of Jewish Israel, among other things. - Jul 26, 2010
Recently, the government of Israel began enforcing its bilateral work agreement with the U.S., meaning you can now get a work permit as the spouse of an American diplomat (whereas before it took 1 year+). Wages are lower here than they are in the US and the tax rate is much higher. That being said, there are many high tech, medical jobs out there. Many jobs, however, require some knowledge of Hebrew - Feb 27, 2009
Not really. Plus salaries are lower. - Sep 19, 2008
No. - Jul 2, 2008