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Tel Aviv

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Credit cards are very easy to use and accepted practically everywhere. ATMs are everywhere, too (bank fees stopped us from using them in favor of cash from the Embassy cashier). - Aug 19, 2017
Yes, yes and yes. ATMs also offer the best exchange rates. - Oct 24, 2016
Credit cards are accepted everywhere and safe to use we have never had issues here. Also ATMs are common and again no issues and both seem very safe to use. - Jul 25, 2016
U.S. credit cards are widely accepted. I think you can use credit cards at more places than in Europe. - Apr 12, 2016
Credit cards are widely accepted. - Mar 23, 2016
No problems. - Nov 18, 2014
No issues for us so far. - Apr 10, 2013
Credit cards and ATMs abound. High fees for using however. - Aug 14, 2010
Credit cards are widely used. There are a lot of ATMs, but bank fees here are so expensive that most people use credit or debit cards. - Jul 26, 2010
If you're going into a store, no problem using credit cards. Many of the little kiosks or simple food shops and the market only take cash. - Feb 27, 2009
Very accessible. - Sep 19, 2008
They are the same as in the U.S. - Jul 2, 2008