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Tel Aviv

Are there problems with ethnic or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Of course-- but there are also opportunities to engage all facets of the political spectrum to learn more about the occupation, minorities, etc. - Oct 24, 2016
Ummm... yes. - Jul 25, 2016
Yes -- it's Israel. - Apr 12, 2016
Yes. But that's the simple answer. Compared to the severity of these issues in the neighbouring countries, like Syria, they are not worth mentioning. - Mar 23, 2016
Yes, for the last few thousand years... I will save you the ancient and even recent history, but yes, there are problems, to put it mildly. Once you get here and start reading the press every day you'll get it. That's all I'll say - it's depressing. - Nov 18, 2014
Most people here are Jewish. There seem to be some underlying issues that rarely come to the light. But they are there, just below the surface. - Apr 10, 2013
If you are black or Asian, life will be difficult. This is not a tolerant society. Local people are quite tense. It spills over into our life. Embassy staff are tense and not customer service oriented. They enjoy making your life and their own difficult. Skill levels are low, so getting anything accomplished is quite a feat. - Aug 14, 2010
Very much - as a person of color, I have been called the n-word repeatedly by Israelis (in English and Hebrew), spat upon, followed down the street and shouted at, etc. In my building people think I'm the maid, and at work, people have demanded to speak to "an American" when they see me. It's a horrible, racist environment. And don't even try not being Jewish. They hate Gentiles here. Diplomats here have had rocks thrown at them for "violating" the Sabbath. - Jul 26, 2010
This IS Israel. Within Tel Aviv, however, people generally get along. - Feb 27, 2009
I have experienced none. - Sep 19, 2008
Not to my knowledge. - Jul 2, 2008