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New Delhi

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Many...English teaching or girls empowerment, for example. - Oct 22, 2017
Lots!! Americans (or spouses of Americans) can join the AWA and be connected to all their volunteer opportunities (library, thrift shop, NGOs, etc.) Delhi Network is for any foreigner and they do lots of volunteer work with NGOs and within their organization. NGOs do work with animals, people with disabilities, kids, tutoring, teaching skills, medical, etc. You can find something for any niche. - Mar 15, 2017
Tons. - Feb 14, 2017
Plentiful. - Nov 8, 2016
Everything under the sun is available. - Jun 2, 2016
Plenty of opportunities for everyone. Check around once you are on the ground. - Sep 6, 2014
Quite a few to choose from, as the community is so large. Just ask around when you get here, but there are lots of groups and charities. - Sep 3, 2014