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New Delhi

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

You don't live in Dhaka. - Dec 4, 2017
You get a chance to meet some exceptional local people; airport is great and it offers flights to all over the country and the world. - Oct 22, 2017
Cheap domestic help frees up your time for volunteering, shopping, and exploring. Lots of travel nearby and far. From Delhi you can fly to many other cities domestically and internationally. - Mar 15, 2017
Affordable help if you want it, great culture, a once in a lifetime experience (and believe me, it will only be once). - Nov 8, 2016
Traveling, culture, cuisine. - Sep 6, 2014
The people are friendly and nearly everyone speaks at least some English so it's easy to communicate. People are extremely eager to please, which can be a downside if they don't always know the answer to a question but want to help anyway. Cost of living is low, making it possible for most expats to hire help. It takes some work to find the right help but it is possible by making a good network for yourself. The folks in the U.S. Embassy are well connected and helpful. The culture is fascinating and this is a good time to be in India where there seems to be a consensus to make things better economically and socially. - Sep 3, 2014
The culture is non-stop, the colors, the interesting music, food, film, etc. If you like to take photos, the opportunities are endless. If you are interested in history, India is great about displaying it for you. If you feel you need house staff, you can afford it here. The cost of child care is very low (but don't expect Western style child care either -- you do get what you pay for in some respects). - Aug 14, 2013
Vivid culture, exciting travel, great shopping. - May 18, 2013
This a fantastic kaleidoscope of religion, economic status, culture, and history. It is a good hub to visit Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Thailand is a direct 3 hour flight away. - Oct 21, 2012
It is INDIA... it is the is a fascinating place. - Aug 12, 2011
shopping for jewelry and rugs, traveling outside of Delhi (particularly south to Kerala - also had great trips north in Himalayas and east to Darjeeling and Kolkata), great yoga instruction and fantastic massages in spas - Aug 7, 2011
Touring, culture. - Aug 4, 2011
The culture is fascinating and complex. If you keep yourself open to new experiences, you will never be bored, but it is a totally in-your-face experience. There are wonderful places to travel locally and regionally. - Jan 8, 2011
Cultural experiences can be remarkable. Touring around brings wild, wacky and warm-hearted experiences. But it is not cheap and often not safe. - Sep 18, 2010
India is a colorful and exotic country and that makes it fascinating. Nevertheless, the mentality and way of life makes this a challenging posting for any expat. As a foreigner it is not as cheap as you might think. If you come to India and stay in a coackroach-infested hotel, eat only vegetarian food and donīt care much about hygiene, it can be very cheap. If you want a decent coffee, a turkey-ham sandwich and orange juice in the morning you have to pay a higher price for it (if you are lucky enough to find places where they offer them). - Aug 30, 2010
Amazing history in Delhi. Opportunity to travel through India--a country with diverse cultures, flora, fauna, and people. Cheap cost of living. Availability and cost of domestic help. - Aug 12, 2010
There are no special advantages of living here. - Aug 1, 2010