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New Delhi

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

The irony of this question is almost too much to bear. This city presents mobility issues for the most hale among us. From squeezing between cards on unpaved lots to access stores, uneven steps, hanging wires, patties of cow faeces, broken pavements, and other obstructions at seemingly every other turn, this city presents a kind of hellish obstacle course for all its participants: willing or otherwise. - Dec 4, 2017
Absolutely. This is not a place for a person with any disability. - Oct 22, 2017
Yes! Few sidewalks, really poor road conditions. Lots of holes and bumps. Few elevators--apartments don't always have elevators go all the way up or you have to take four stairs up to get to the elevator to start with. No handicap parking. - Mar 15, 2017
Yes. General infrastructure is not great. - Feb 14, 2017
Yes, I'd imagine so. - Nov 8, 2016
Someone with physicial difficulties would have a difficult time in India. - Jun 2, 2016
New Delhi is not easy to navigate for people with disabilities. Wheelchair-bound individuals would have a hard time even getting into the Chancery much less around Delhi. - Sep 6, 2014
Yes, there are few sidewalks and ramps and steps that are in good condition. This would be a very unfriendly city to own a wheelchair or be visually impaired due to the many cracks, etc in roads and sidewalks. - Sep 3, 2014
A lot. It's not a new, planned city. It's crumbly and bockety and if you were not sure of foot, or if you were in a wheelchair, or blind and trying to find your way around, you'd have nothing but trouble. - Aug 14, 2013
This is not a wheelchair-accessible city. - May 18, 2013
A lot. Sidewalks are uneven and complex. It would be unsafe in a wheel chair. It would be difficult to live here with a disability that limits one's mobility. - Oct 21, 2012
The ground outside can be very rough, not very good for people with physical difficulties. But all malls are equipped with wheelchair ramps and elevators. - Sep 16, 2012
yes. Stairs dominate this electricity-poor city. Sidewalks are rarely used as such. - Aug 12, 2011
the city is hard for someone with no physical disability to navigate - sidewalks are in disrepair/nonexistant and the weather is ungodly. - Aug 7, 2011
Not great for anyone with physical disabilities, not wheelchair friendly. - Aug 4, 2011
It is not handicap friendly. - Jan 8, 2011
It would be very difficult. We have a friend in a wheel chair who is almost a shut-in thanks to the poor sidewalks and lack of ramps, etc. - Sep 18, 2010
All of them. The city is not prepared for disabled people. - Aug 30, 2010
Delhi would be extremely difficult for disabled people. - Aug 12, 2010
There are not many sidewalks here, and people with physical disabilities would find it hard visiting most of the monuments, as there are usually no ramps. - Aug 1, 2010
There are not many sidewalks here and people with physical disabilities would find it hard at most of the monuments as there are usually no ramps. This is starting to improve though as things are slowly changing as they are getting ready for the Commonwealth games in 2010. - Mar 11, 2008
I would think so. I've seen no special accommodations for the disabled. - Feb 4, 2008