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New Delhi

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Probably good for couples. Not so good for families. Pollution and disease level, lack of outdoor activities are all major factors to consider. - Oct 22, 2017
Singles--yes, particularly men. Single females may have a tougher time at night, but it is doable. Couples-yes, lots to do at night. Families-yes. Good schools and cheap household help. Not as much for teenagers to do. Pollution is the main issue for families. - Mar 15, 2017
Tough for families in many ways, but the same issues could be tough for anyone. Just keeping everyone healthy. - Nov 8, 2016
There is something good for everyone. Indians love children and will dote on them. - Jun 2, 2016
It's a good city for all types of family configurations. Those who are sensitive to air pollution should do their due diligence. - Sep 6, 2014
Yes, lots to do for both. Many friendly expats with children, and many ways to meet people. - Sep 3, 2014
I imagine so. I am in a family, so from my perspective it's good. The only problem is that while my husband has good work (we travel with his job) and my kids have a great school, there are zero decent jobs for me. So if you like to be at home or are happy finding non working things to do, it's a great post for families. If you find that without decent work you cannot be happy, then this might be a nightmare post for you. You'd think a mega mission like this would have options. Nope. Really, really horrible work opportunities for spouses here. - Aug 14, 2013
It is a great city for families (especially if you have hardy kids with strong lungs and digestive systems). It is fun for couples (Delhi couples love socializing with other couples) but tougher for singles. Dating is common, but hush-hush and frowned upon. If you are willing to date casually, without expecting it to evolve into a serious relationship, you are likely to enjoy it more. - May 18, 2013
Great for families; terrible for singles. This is a culture that allows for arranged marriages even before the child is born. Singles are viewed as odd and counter-culture. - Oct 21, 2012
There are malls and markets. I know many people with young children that enjoy fun trips to the mall. Ambience Mall and DLF promenade are equipped with fun playgrounds for younger children.For teenagers these malls have stores like Forever 21, etc. It is fun to go and hang out with your friends. And it is safe with security. - Sep 16, 2012
Families and Couples fare well - singles will have a tough time. This is a city and a culture that places a high value on family and does not really know how to deal with single people. Though as with all metropolitan places/cities that is changing, albeit slowly. - Aug 12, 2011
families and couples seem to generally do well here with the domestic staff and large expat network. single men and women, that's a different story. singles trying to date locals have a hard time due to cross-cultural issues. I know there are worse places for a single female to work in this world, but my experience here was horribly negative and I would never recommend this post to another woman in my situation. - Aug 7, 2011
Great for families, not great for singles, great for couples. - Aug 4, 2011
Indian culture is fairly conservative, so it seems more difficult for singles. Good for couples and families. Good domestics/nannies help with the little ones. - Jan 8, 2011
There is a large ex pat community, but Delhi life is hard so lots of complaining at social events about pollution, illness, roads/traffic and how to find good help. The school is a social community of its own. - Sep 18, 2010
Itīs hard for everyone. Maybe it is much better for families. Singles could have a difficult time here to meet girls/guys, since going out with a member of the opposite sex is still unacceptable in certain milieus, let alone with someone who does not belong to your caste or your religion. Couples without children (my case) get stares and many questions, since the only purpose of marriage in India is to have as many children as possible. Marriages here are arranged, so the contract is mostly between families not between individuals. Romantic love, showing affection in public or kisses are frowned upon. - Aug 30, 2010
Good for all of the above. Delhi has a large expat community so singles can meet friends easily. Delhi has a large amount of cultural and historical sites for families and couples. - Aug 12, 2010
No. If you can find some other city in some other country, that will be great. - Aug 1, 2010
I think this is a great city for couples and singles. I am not sure I would come here with children because of the pollution. Smaller children get more out of the city than teenagers. Teenagers feel like they lose their freedom when they come here. - Mar 11, 2008