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What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

This post BY FAR has the best air quality of India posts year round! - Nov 18, 2017
Quality of air varies from unhealthy to very unhealthy. You can smell the pollution. Some people develop respiratory issues. The smell of India is always in the air i.e. open sewers, burned garbage, body odor, human waste - you name it, it is here. - Sep 20, 2016
I would say it's good in the summer, moderate in the fall, and moderate/unhealthy in the winter. Honestly, it's probably 10x better than Delhi in the winter. There were only a few days where you would look out and tell that it was smoggy. The rest of the day: blue, clear skies. - Mar 16, 2015
Compared to other places I've lived, the air quality is actually pretty good. Even in the winter months, when places like New Delhi have really bad pollution problems, we have blue skies here. Because we're on the Deccan Plateau, there's very little humidity. - Jan 18, 2015
Very poor but excellent by Indian standards. You will want air purifiers for your home. - Nov 20, 2014
Terrible by global standards, but moderate for India. Many days the air quality readings are above 150 ppm, which is unsafe. It always smells here. You get used to that, even though sometimes the stench from Hussain Sagar Lake (medical waste/sewage) gets overwhelming. For the most part, you get used to the constant odor. - Jul 18, 2014
Air quality is poor because of the traffic emissions. Walking on the street or riding in an autorickshaw, you will breathe in fumes and dust. - Mar 2, 2012
Good most of the year, moderate during the summer with smoke and haze. - Feb 27, 2012
Terrible! Sometimes the visibility is less than a mile because of pollution. - Jan 11, 2011