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Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

India doesn't recognize same-sex marriage, so keep that in mind. Hopefully that'll change in the future. - Nov 18, 2017
No. Being gay is a crime in India. - Sep 20, 2016
I wouldn't think so. Most of India isn't - and especially conservative, Muslim leaning Hyderabad. - Mar 16, 2015
Homosexuality is illegal in India. No, seriously, it's against the law and punishable by imprisonment. That being said - it's not usually an enforced law. But for anybody without diplomatic immunity it should be a consideration as you never know when some local politician might decide this law needs to be enforced to score political points. Hyderabad does have an underground LGBT scene but it is far underground. Inside the closet under a trapdoor hidden in a bunker underground. Single LGBT expats will have an even greater challenge than straight folks in finding comfortable locales to mingle. The one advantage of India's conservative approach to LGBT issues is that, at least in Hyderabad, those who are gay likely won't face public discrimination because homosexuality is so far out of the public conciousness that it's not even a consideration. Being foreign makes you queer enough that nobody is going to consider your sexual preference. - Nov 20, 2014
No. - Jul 18, 2014
If there is a gay scene in Hyderabad, it is keeping a very low profile. - Mar 2, 2012
Unfortunately, being gay is illegal in India. That says it all. - Jan 11, 2011