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Can you save money?

Oh yeah! Tons! Even if you splurge and travel a lot, it's easy to save. - Mar 16, 2015
If you like luxury, you can certainly find it at the fancy hotels for brunch, dinner, or overnight stays. If you have simpler tastes, you can save a lot of money. - Jan 18, 2015
Yes but you probably won't. Employing domestic staff, eating well, and lots of travel will sap your budget. - Nov 20, 2014
In theory, yes. But almost everybody here hires a driver and a maid. These costs add up. To maintain some semblance of sanity, most of us travel at least once per month. Those who don't tend to spend a lot of time (and money) at the Park Hyatt -- it's a refuge here. The previous CG recommended leaving the country at least once per quarter for morale reasons. This isn't cheap. We're going to leave here with nothing in the bank, but a ton of great travel memories. - Jul 18, 2014
Yes, it is pretty inexpensive to live here. - Mar 2, 2012
If you eat local products rather than imports and do only regional travel, yes. - Feb 27, 2012
Yes! Eating out is cheap, domestic help is cheap, most groceries are cheap, there's no real shopping besides inexpensive handicrafts. - Jan 11, 2011