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Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Uber and local company Meru Cabs are cleared to use. We don't use buses or the tuktuks; both are unsafe. - Nov 18, 2017
No, trains and buses are unsafe. Uber and Meeru taxi companies are affordable, but language is an issue when giving directions; they sometimes can't find your place, as roads are never marked. Some use the GPS, others don't. It is hit and miss; before you even realize it, you end up in a part of the town you should not be in. - Sep 20, 2016
I've heard a lot of people taking 1st class A/C trains having a fine experience. Taxis and tuktuks are fine, same with uber. I have not - and will not - try the buses. Affordable: yes to all. - Mar 16, 2015
I've not taken a local train, bus, or taxi. There are several taxi companies, including Uber, that seem reputable. - Jan 18, 2015
Rickshaws are cheap and plentiful but you won't get very far. Radio and airort taxis are safe - I wouldn't hail one off the street. City buses - lol. Intercity buses and trains are available for the adventurous and those with lots of time. Women should avoid these unless traveling in groups or looking to test their self-defense skills. For US$50 more you can take a cheap local flight and arrive at your destination 20 hours earlier. Your call. - Nov 20, 2014
Affordable? Yes. Safe? If you are a man, then yes. Apart from relatively high frequency of rape, many of the buses are in rough shape. Earlier this year, a toddler girl died when she was riding in the bus and fell through a hole on the floor. - Jul 18, 2014
Local autorickshaws are definitely affordable. Buses are not safe, and taxis are extremely unreliable. They do not roam the streets, so you have to call in advance, and they often do not show up. - Mar 2, 2012
Taxis, trains, and auto-rickshaws are all reasonably safe. I don't know any expats who use buses, mostly because they are so crowded and dirty more than because of safety issues. - Feb 27, 2012
Trains around the country are super cheap, but you need to book early. There is one local train, but I've never seen nor heard of an expat taking it (crowded, filthy, only makes a loop around the city). Taxis are safe and cheap, but for some reason Hyderabad only has them at readily available at the airport. There are a few buses, but they are incredibly crowded, filthy and don't maintain a regular schedule. - Jan 11, 2011