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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes! The embassy and the country are not ADA compliant. Sidewalks are cobblestone, everything has stairs and maybe not an elevator, there's ice all winter, etc. - Nov 27, 2017
Yes, definitely. There are a few places in town that have access for people with disabilities but not many. And the mission itself is not ADA compliant. I will add that there's no snow/ice removal in the winter, so a even a simple walk down the sidewalk can be dodgy. Yak-trax/crampons are the answer. - Jun 23, 2015
The Embassy is not ADA compliant and many shops aren't either - it'd be tough. - Feb 13, 2013
Iceland is not a great place for someone with disabilities. In Reykjavik it's not too bad because most of the buildings have wheelchair access ramps, but a lot of the small, older buildings in the downtown shopping area have no ramps, steps, or are too small to accommodate a wheelchair. Public buses and taxis all have wheelchair/disability access. Outside of Reykjavik most of the touristy sites are out in the smack middle of nature and have no special access for those with disabilities. - Jul 29, 2011