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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Inexpensive but of varying abilities, choose wisely. - May 20, 2016
Available and affordable- about US$250/month, plus overtime. - Dec 30, 2014
I've been very happy with my housekeepers. They run about $100 per month. - Sep 6, 2009
Lots of available and inexpensive help. - May 20, 2009
Domestic help is readily available and skills range from excellent and experienced, to just starting out and have to be taught. Because they leave for mosque at about noon on Fridays, most domestics offer to work a half day on Saturday. A housekeeper should be paid about US$125 a month. A good cook who can cook American and European standard meals and traditional African dishes should be paid about the same, and can be expected to go to market to do the shopping. Nannies should be paid about US$100-110 a month, and they often eat lunch with the child/children from the employer's food supply, usually whatever the child is having for lunch. - Mar 26, 2008