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Guatemala City

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is of good or excellent quality in most cases, though anything particularly specialized or critical would likely be better treated in the U.S. Primary care and basic medical services are great, with doctors who have been trained in Mexico, Colombia, or the U.S. but who have much more time to spend with patients and charge much lower prices that we might be used to. It's also typically much easier to get an appointment than in other parts of the world. I had gum graft surgery here with excellent results and for a sixth of the price that I would have paid at home. - Jun 7, 2015
Every now and then you get the typical third-world stomach bug and viruses. Medical care is great. Miami is about 2.5 hours away if you need a medevac. - Apr 23, 2014
Medical care is very good at private hospitals/clinics. Doctors are often educated in the U.S., so speak fluent English. - Jan 3, 2014
Good medical care from a variety of US-trained doctors. - Nov 7, 2011
Hospitals seem pretty good. You can't drink the water, but you want to disinfect all your fruits and vegetables before eating. A doctor's visit costs about $20. - May 2, 2010
Pollution is a health concern. And don't drink water from the tap, and I would recommend washing vegetables and fruits in bleach water or disinfectant. Most people seem to get stomach bugs every now and then. There is good quality medical care - many doctors have trained in the U.S. at good universities and speak English. - Mar 11, 2008