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Guatemala City

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Most things are available. Fruit and vegetables are typically cheaper than in the U.S., while most other things are slightly more expensive. There are some small, boutique stores when you can find unexpected luxuries (including a place in Antigua that carries a random assortment of Trader Joe's branded items) but at a regular grocery store it can be hard to find baking soda, certain spices, bread crumbs, bourbon, ginger, crisco, it just depends on the season and what order the store happens to have recently received. If you want to buy the exact same products you used at home it will definitely cost you more, but you can make up for it with the cheap pineapples, avocados, eight varieties of mangos, blackberries... - Jun 7, 2015
Groceries (including household supplies) for our 4 person family are about US$300 per week. PriceSmart is the local version of Costco, and Pais is run by Wal-Mart so there are lots of American products available here. - Apr 23, 2014
Supermarkets are comfortable, well stocked and offer prices comparable to those one can find in the U.S. PriceSmart (a local version of Wal-Mart), a membership-based wholesale store, is the best option for those who can buy stuff in bulk. - Jan 3, 2014
Expect to pay pretty much US prices. One can save some money by going to the Guatemalan version of Costco/Sam's Club. - Nov 7, 2011
It is easy to find most US groceries and household supplies except organic foods. Those can be found at specialty shops such as Gourmet Center, Organica, and Delica. Prices might be a little higher for imported things. - May 2, 2010
I think it's about the same as in the U.S., although some imported stuff might be more expensive. - Mar 11, 2008