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Guatemala City

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for everyone. There's a strong community of singles here, but not a ton of nightlife due to security concerns. It's fairly easy to date in the local community, though as a woman dating Guatemalans I've found it can be tough to find something serious (though maybe this is the case everywhere?). Guatemalans love kids and even fancy restaurants often have play areas. - Jun 7, 2015
Families--yes. Lots of traveling. Many restaurants have big play areas for kids. Guatemalans seem to love kids. Singles--maybe. The nightlife is probably a bit restricted by the security situation. Couples--yes. - Apr 23, 2014
Good for everyone, in principle, though singles may find the nightlife in the capital a bit boring. Antigua, however, is a good option in this regard, and is so close to Guate City (60km) that one can literally go every weekend. - Jan 3, 2014
Yes, all of the above. There are plenty of places to meet people, although a good grasp of Spanish is necessary if you want to meet people outside of the embassy community. - Nov 7, 2011
Families and couples, yes, singles, not sure. There is not a lot going on in the city, so if you like a vibrant night life, it might be hard to find it. - May 2, 2010
I think it's good for all. I'm single and enjoy it here. There are restaurants and bars and things to do although not as wide of a variety as you might find in a larger city. There are a lot of families at post too. - Mar 11, 2008