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Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

No. We've lived in Africa, the Near East, and Europe. - Oct 3, 2017
This is our fourth post. We have served in northern Africa, far east Asia, and another Balkan country. - Jan 15, 2017
I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and spent the first 13 years of my life overseas. I have studied, lived, interned, and worked in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Russia, and finally Greece. - Dec 20, 2016
No, previously posted to Kathmandu, Nepal. - Sep 7, 2013
No, London. I grew up and lived in Athens until the age of 20. - Jul 14, 2012
Yes. - Jun 30, 2010
Yes. - Jan 6, 2009
No, I have also lived elsewhere in Europe and Asia. - Dec 27, 2008
Yes. - Jun 20, 2008