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But don't forget your:

Beach clothes. - Oct 3, 2017
Patience, sense of humor, small talk skills, sense of adventure. - Dec 20, 2016
Patience and Greek/English dictionary. - Sep 7, 2013
Sun screen, patience, walking shoes, and swim gear! - Jul 14, 2012
sunscreen. - Jun 30, 2010
Sunscreen,books, very hard to find them in English. Sense of humor, you will need it at times. Halloween decorations, they don't celebrate it here. - Jan 6, 2009
Patience. Nothing happens quickly here. Even the demonstrations and (very frequent) transportation strikes are usually planned days in advance. - Dec 27, 2008
Patio set, dual voltage appliances like hair dryers and curling irons. Bring plenty of patience to deal with how Greeks do things slowly... - Jun 20, 2008