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If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Large automobile. - Oct 3, 2017
Gigantic car and ego. - Dec 20, 2016
Surf boards, skate boards and roller skates. Biking is a challenge also, but doable. Strollers are a challenge also. Terrible infrastructure! - Sep 7, 2013
Customer service minimums (don't exist) and your confidence that you can drive anywhere (Greeks are the worst drivers on earth, or close to it). Also our very heavy weather gear, unless you go skiing. - Jul 14, 2012
winter coat. - Jun 30, 2010
Some say your coats, I don't agree. It does get chilly here. Your impatience, they do things here on Greek time. Leave behind your jogging stroller, you really can't use it here. - Jan 6, 2009
Dreams that the Greeks are deep thinkers or philosophers. Those people are long gone. The modern Greeks are basically ungovernable and riot at the drop of a hat. - Dec 27, 2008
Expectations that Greece is anything like anywhere else in Europe. It's very unique. - Jun 20, 2008