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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business or business casual, depending on the position. - Oct 3, 2017
Typical clothing for Greeks is a little dressier than typical American clothing, but many do dress casually as well. - Jan 15, 2017
Greeks are more formal/fashionable and tend to favor dark suits. Formal dress may be required at various embassy or charity functions or a special military occasion. - Dec 20, 2016
Business for work, casual Fridays, and the Greek women really dress up to go out. Bikins worn by all body types also and even saw some nude sunbathing on some of the islands. - Sep 7, 2013
More informal than some places. Some clubs and restaurants have strict codes, but loosen up during summertime. - Jul 14, 2012
Casual dress. - Jun 30, 2010
Sress at work is business, in public you see it all, dress to the max or trying to wear as little as possible. - Jan 6, 2009
Not as formal as in more European places such as Paris. - Dec 27, 2008
Greeks like to expose skin in public. - Jun 20, 2008