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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

This is not a city that is friendly towards people with physical disabilities. I haven't seen many handicapped access ramps. Even sidewalks are hard to come by. - Aug 4, 2017
Yes, it would be awful. There are no accommodations for anyone with disabilities and locals view disabilities as a weakness. - Apr 6, 2017
Difficult due to lack of infrastructure. - Aug 11, 2016
Very much so. No sidewalks... pot holes the size of grown men all over the place. - May 4, 2014
Extremely difficult. No sidewalks at all. Random holes in the middle of any footpath. No handicapped access to anything. - Apr 24, 2012
Lots!Uneven roads, limited sidewalks, etc. - Aug 9, 2011
There are no sidewalks. Nothing is wheelchair accessible. It would be difficult. - Feb 24, 2010
One has to be careful about open ditches along streets and unmarked holes. - Feb 5, 2010
Few sidewalks, etc. - May 24, 2009