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Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It's probably not a good city for anyone who does not have their own transportation. It can get frustrating walking everywhere. Families should be content with their spacious living quarters and the swimming pools and other families on the housing compounds. Single people will need transportation to go to the restaurants and clubs. - Aug 4, 2017
It is horrible for expat singles: there are very few of them. Couples and families seem to have more options. - Apr 6, 2017
I can only comment that this is a great post for families because there are a lot of other families. Between play dates and birthday parties, time gets filled up pretty fast. There aren't SO many things to do with kids, but as families you make your own fun. - Aug 11, 2016
Good for everyone. There are places to eat and I'm told there is more than one night club. - May 4, 2014
We have friends in every circumstance. Everyone seems fairly happy, if they want to be. Itís easy to get frustrated by West Africa (just try to eat in a decent restaurant in less than two hours), but our community is strong and active. I would not say that it is better or worse for married people or single people, itís best for people who know how to amuse themselves. - Apr 24, 2012
Singles and couples should do well here. Families are in abundance. - Aug 9, 2011
It is good for families in certain respects - children are included in most embassy events and there are a lot of crazy birthday parties. It is great for couples with children because paying for babysitting here will not require you to take out a mortgage on your house. I would NOT want to be at this post as a single person. Single women here seems to fall into two categories:happy and VERY unhappy. I think dating here can be very tough - especially if the Visa Question comes up if you are attached to the embassy. I honestly think non-embassy expats have it much easier in this regard. - Feb 24, 2010
Families - especially with young children - not sure about singles and couples - as there are a limited number of things to do. - Feb 5, 2010
There is an active expat community here for singles. Couples seems to be able to take more advantage of outings beyond Accra. Families do well enough entertaining each other. - May 24, 2009