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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Lots of parks, and a hub for travel. - Jan 28, 2017
High quality of living, great travel opportunities, easy access to a lot of cultural events. - Aug 14, 2016
Frankfurt is wonderfully located and can be an excellent base from which to travel elsewhere in Europe. Germans are interesting, cultured, and friendly. There is little to complain about except the weather which is often wet. - Feb 1, 2016
Travel around Europe, great public transportation and all the comforts of home - Dec 9, 2015
Frankfurt is a great (and under-rated) town, lots of good cultural events, museums, shopping, etc. Quite a few international corporations and banks are based here, so the expat scene is pretty diverse. If you get tired of the city itself, there's plenty else to see within a two-hour drive: Mainz, the Rhine Valley, Heidelberg, Cologne, etc. Transit connections are frequent and not terribly expensive, making it a great base to explore the rest of Europe. - Jun 27, 2014
Gorgeous city with walks along the river, great bike trails and access to about anywhere in the world. You can save money due to the availability of the USG Mil Gas card allowing one to purchase gas at U.S. prices AND access to the Base Commissary where food is often cheaper than it is at Safeway or Giant. So if one is thrifty and careful, you can break even or perhaps squirrel away some pennies. - Mar 30, 2014
Touring many other cities throughout Germany and Europe. - Nov 7, 2013
Touring, culture. - Apr 4, 2012
Incredible, inexpensive travel opportunities throughout Europe. Easy living in a culture not that different from the USA. Great castles and other historical sights. Germany is as good of a tourist destination as the rest of Europe. Amazing cycling infrastructure. Can cycle for hundreds of miles, through cities, through farmland, through wine country and never compete with a car. - Mar 4, 2012
Traveling from Frankfurt to other (more interesting places) is quite easy. Frankfurt International Airport has flights to many places in the world, especially far flung locations that you may have never heard of. If you are willing to drive or take a bus for about two hoursyou can fly out of "Frankfurt" (it's practically in Luxembourg) Hahn Airport - many cheap flights from here to destinations throughout Europe. If you have a car, or you like to take trains, there are many places within Germany and Europe you can get to in less than 5 hours. If this is your first time in Europe, then Frankfurt is a great place to use a base to travel from. - Oct 3, 2011
Frankfurt is a great hub for travel. It's also a small city, so there are some great places to explore downtown, but tons of places driving or flying to as well. Germany is a great country to live in, and Frankfurt is a great city (except fot the housing). The weather isn't too great, but summer is nice, and the short spring and fall are okay as well. Winter I've heard is long and hard, but there are worse places weather-wise. - Jul 15, 2010