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But don't forget your:

Portable A/C unit, and passports to travel everywhere! - Jan 28, 2017
You can get just about anything you need here. - Aug 14, 2016
American style breakfast sausage (you can buy it at the base commissary). Bring an umbrella. Bring two. - Feb 1, 2016
Ski gear. Incredible ski opportunities and International schools get a ski break in February. - Dec 9, 2015
Bicycle and all the attachments: You will need a front and back light and a bell/horn to be legal here! - Mar 30, 2014
Don't forget your hobbies, camera, and hiking shoes. - Nov 7, 2013
Warm clothes and rain gear (and bike). - Mar 4, 2012
Winter clothes. - Oct 3, 2011
Allergy medicine. - Feb 23, 2008
Snow sled, skiis, and camera. - Jan 4, 2008