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What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

HUGE - morale swings like a pendulum - it depends on who is in charge at post. - Sep 27, 2017
Huge. Morale is surprisingly middling. A lot of not-so-nice people choose this post for some reason. Some never leave the compound and only go to the US base on weekends. They are the most unhappy and take it out on those of us who travel. - Jan 28, 2017
Quite large. Frankfurt has a lot of expats from the various multinational companies, the European Central Bank, etc. I think morale varies depending on the specific circumstances. The consulate is a strange place, with a lot of people TDY for regional duties more than 50% of the time and a lot of agencies (i.e. TSA, GSA) that aren't usually overseas, which causes some interesting dynamics and different expectations of what life overseas with the U.S. government should be like. - Aug 14, 2016
Huge. Morale is good. Frankfurt is an easy place to live, work and play. - Feb 1, 2016
Huge community, morale varies. This community is not as close knit because of the size and many people are either traveling regionally for work or traveling on the weekends with their family. It is a different vibe than any post I have been at. It's not really a bad thing, just different and bothers some people. Many expat families at the international schools too. - Dec 9, 2015
GIGANTIC! There are many Americans married to Germans who stay here forever. There are a lot that work in the Consulate as Local Hire Staff and a lot of those have HUGE chips on their shoulders about having an FSO boss when "I have worked here for 14 years>>>>blah blah blah". Most don't have the education to join the Department of State as a Direct Hire and/or don't want to leave Germany to travel around the world...but they will complain endlessly about the benefits FSO's get ("free housing, free schools"). Meanwhile they get three years off for maternity leave as well as unlimited sick leave....So it is an issue. For FSO's, it is great to be able to live in Europe so those that see the glass as half full will love it here and the pessimists will not. - Mar 30, 2014
Very large expat community. Morale at post is low. - Nov 7, 2013
Huge. - Apr 4, 2012
Huge. - Mar 4, 2012
Very large. - Oct 3, 2011
Huge. - Jul 15, 2010
Huge! - Jul 7, 2008
Large. - Feb 23, 2008
Large. - Jan 4, 2008